Dear Burger World,
It's time to act together.

As you all know by now, to solve the environmental challenges we need to work together.

The production of beef is a major contributor to the emission of greenhouse gases. But we have realised that as the world is changing and we become wiser, you have to adapt. If you’re a part of the problem, you need to be part of the solution. However, that doesn’t mean that we have to quit eating burgers. Just find a better way.

In 2008 we decided to become the first restaurant chain in the world to label our products with their carbon footprint and to compensate for the total chain of production. Since then we’ve planted over 1.4 million trees in Africa to bind carbon dioxide.

And in 2016 we decided to extend our menu with more greener options. Burgers made from beans, vegetables and Halloumi cheese. Today one out of three of our meals sold are without red meat. But that is not enough, we pledge that by 2022 that should be every other.

But we are only one Swedish burger chain. Tiny from a global perspective. Imagine what kind of change we could achieve together.

Burger colleagues of the world please join us in rethinking the burger. Here we share the recipes of our tremendously popular green burgers. Please feel free to copy, you can name them whatever you want. Or just get inspired. For a better taste, for a better world.

Yours sincerely,

Our not-so-secret recipe for a
greener future

Since we started in 1968, our mission has been to make the world a better place. By serving really tasty burgers and by taking responsibility for our planet. We do lots of things to help curb climate change, and we’d like to share three great fixes, that can work for you too:

1. Put climate on the menu

We label all our menu items with their individual climate impact. It makes it easier for us to keep track of our carbon footprint and it empowers our guests to make climate-smart choices.

2. Carbon capture

We plant trees in Africa to offset 100 percent of the carbon emitted in our chain - all the way from the farmer’s land to the guest’s hand. We have chosen Plan Vivo certified reforestation projects to do it.

3.  Adding more green burgers to the menu

In 2016 we quintupled our number of delicious green menu alternatives. It turned some of Sweden’s most fervent meat eaters into part-time vegetarians and it has been our most profitable product launch ever.

Our Green Family

Green burgers generally have a fraction of the climate impact of meat burgers. So, have a look at our selection. Feel free to copy our delicious recipes, rename the products and sell them as your own. Together we can make a huge difference for a greener tomorrow.

Halloumi burger

  • Brioche bread, 1
  • Jalapeño relish, 15 g
  • Halloumi burger, 1
  • Tomato, 2 slices
  • Red onion, 2 rings
  • Iceberg lettuce, 20 g
  • Mayonnaise, 2 pushes
  • 0,6 kg CO2e/port

Green burger

  • Rye bread, 1
  • Big cheddar cheese, 1 slice
  • Green burger, 1
  • Tomato, 1 slice
  • Red onion, 2 rings
  • Iceberg lettuce, 20 g
  • Original dressing, 2 pushes
  • 0,4 kg CO2e/port

BBQ Sandwich

  • Frisco bread, 1
  • BBQ pulled Oumph, 1 package
  • Red onion, 5 rings
  • Iceberg lettuce, 20 g
  • Jalapeños, 5 slices
  • Egg-free mayonnaise, 2 pushes
  • 0,2 kg CO2e/port

Crispy Mexican burger

  • Brioche bread, 1
  • Pepper Jack cheese, 1 slice
  • Mexican bean burger, 1
  • Fresh cucumber, 4 slices
  • Red onion, 5 slices
  • Iceberg lettuce, 20 g
  • Spicy Original, 35 g
  • 0,4 kg CO2e/port

Halloumi salad

  • Halloumi burger, 1
  • Cucumber, 5 slices
  • Cocktail tomatoes, 3
  • Red onion, 3 rings
  • Your choice of dressing, 2 pushes
  • Wheat berry salad, 100 g
  • Mixed salad, 100 g
  • 0,5 kg CO2e/port

Do you have any other thoughts of how we can rethink burgers? Please, feel free to share them with us at Since we’re doing this together, for a better world.